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Why You Should Use Toothpaste Tablets.

Looking for a gentle yet effective way to clean your teeth that is also kind to the environment? Why not consider Ecolife toothpaste tablets made by Denttabs in Berlin, Germany, which is a high quality, fluoride toothpaste that comes in convenient tabs that you chew and dissolve into toothpaste? Old-fashioned, traditional toothpaste is slowly but surely facing some stiff competition from the likes of modern toothpaste manufacturers. Gone are the days when consumers simply accept the fact that they have to put up with toothpaste that contains micro plastics, preservatives and other harmful substances (not to mention the packaging which is not environmentally friendly at all). People are now choosing toothpaste tablets for many reasons which we will discuss in the article below. The earth’s natural resources are dwindling at a rapid pace and it is now more important than ever before to conserve our environment. Most toothpaste manufacturers use vast quantities of precious water in the production of their products. Toothpaste tablets, however, uses no water at all in the production process which not only conserves water resources, but also saves a lot of energy in the long term.

Through Denttabs’ sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing and transport processes, they are able to save around 85% of the carbon dioxide compared to conventional toothpastes. By using Ecolife toothbrush and toothpaste tablets, you are saving a whopping 98% in plastic when compared with other products. Ecolife is also proud of their 100% compostable packaging which will completely biodegrade, making it an excellent choice for the environment. The modern and discerning customer now requires a lot more out of a toothpaste than in the past. Research has shown that consumers today require that their toothpaste contains fluoride and has a natural composition, with no added preservatives or harmful additives. It is no surprise that fluoride is a huge requirement in a toothpaste as this tooth-friendly substance has countless positive effects (including the remineralisation of teeth) that have been proven time and time again in many laboratories.

Ecolife toothpaste tabs offers a refreshing tasting fluoride toothpaste that is BDIH certified, sustainable and eco-friendly. In addition, Ecolife toothpaste tabs do not contain any unnecessary ingredients, are preservative free and they are dry so they are extremely convenient for traveling. New customers are discovering this new way to brush teeth that gives a great, minty taste and amazingly fresh breath. The ingredients within toothpaste tabs helps to protect your teeth against cavities and tartar, and is also great for sensitive teeth! Its whitening effect ensures that those unsightly coffee red wine and nicotine stains on your teeth become a thing of the past as the coloured pigments cannot adhere to the smooth surface created by the toothpaste tablet. With regular use, you will therefore find that the colour of your teeth return to their normal, whiter and light colour. Finally, if you are looking to reduce your overall waste but increase your use of natural products, toothpaste tablets is an excellent choice! So, will you be switching to toothpaste tablets?

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