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Bamboo is the ideal replacement
for plastic: it has the natural
capacity to grow in an organic
environment without needing to
add any form of chemical substances.

How to Play Your Part in Making the World a Greener Place.

The natural environment in our world is really suffering at the moment: from climate change, to pollution, to too much waste in our oceans. So, how can you, as an individual, play a unique role in preserving our natural resources and in making the world a greener place? Well, there are actually quite a few ways in which you can make a difference and it does not matter if you hardly have any spare time or money because making even a few, small changes can help in a big way.

When shopping for everyday items, do you ever stop to consider the composition (and packaging material) of what you are buying? So many products on the market today are not eco-friendly and are packaged in materials that are not easy to biodegrade. We suggest rather to avoid buying such goods and to opt for products that are kind on the environment. For example, if you are looking to buy a new toothbrush, consider buying a bamboo toothbrush which cleans your teeth just as well as a regular one does, but can be easily recycled and biodegraded when you are finished with it. Simply by choosing to buy an eco-friendly toothbrush over a plastic one can make an amazing difference!

Of course, it goes without saying that you should be recycling glass, paper, plastic and tin wherever and whenever you can. If you don’t have space in your home for recycling bins, a great way to be more eco-friendly is to separate your rubbish into bags according to type and to dispose of them at community recycling centers. Other ways in which you can help to preserve our precious earth are not wasting water, choosing a reusable coffee mug over a disposable one and carrying around a stainless steel straw for those times when you need a drink but don’t wish to use a plastic straw. All these changes can really make a big difference and if we all make small changes, the world will be a much greener place!

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