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Bamboo is the ideal replacement
for plastic: it has the natural
capacity to grow in an organic
environment without needing to
add any form of chemical substances.

How You Can Reduce the Amount of Plastic You Use.

Using plastic, and more specifically single-use plastic, products are terrible for the environment. Even though plastic can be recycled, a lot of energy is required for this process which can have a negative impact on the environment. Going plastic-free is an excellent decision to make to ensure that our earth is beautiful for generations to come. So, how can you, as a consumer reduce the amount of plastic you use? The easiest way to do this is to drastically reduce (or even eliminate) the use of single-use plastic products, such as straws, bottles, plastic bags and more.

Then, it would be a good idea to have a look at the other products you use on a daily basis and see if you can find a more environmentally friendly alternative. For example, if you use a plastic toothbrush, consider swapping this for a more eco-friendly toothbrush, such as a bamboo toothbrush. You could also think about using toothpaste tablets instead of a regular tube of toothpaste because there is no tube to discard and you will not be wasting toothpaste. Using a stainless steel or glass water bottle is another easy way to go plastic-free. After using your bottle, simply wash it and it is ready to use for tomorrow.

Many folks have chosen to use their own eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags instead of the single-use plastic ones available at the supermarket. This is a great idea as you will be playing a vital role in reducing your plastic consumption if you consider how many plastic shopping bags you use every year! Finally, if you have children, it is a wise decision to teach them how to be environmentally conscious as well. They will, in turn, teach their own children one day and we will become a better-informed human race!

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