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7 Good Reasons for Using our Toothpaste tablets.

Feel like you need a change to your dental routine? Why not consider switching to Dent Tabs? We have not one, but 7, great reasons to use our toothpaste tablets – let’s take a look!

1. Natural polish with microcellulose. Some toothpaste products contain harsh scrubbing ingredients that may clean away stains but leave your teeth damaged. Our natural polish with micro cellulose will gently, but effectively, remove stains without harming your teeth.
2. Smooth and shiny teeth. When brushing with Dent Tabs, your teeth are left smooth, white and shiny. This also helps to prevent stains from forming when you indulge in coffee, red wine or nicotine.
3. Gentle to teeth and gums. The natural fluoride formula contained in Dent Tabs ensures that your teeth will be cleaned properly without causing damage to your sensitive gums or the tooth area.
4. Plastic-free and sustainably packaged. Here at Dent Tabs, just like you, we love the environment! Our packaging is therefore plastic-free, eco-friendly and can be easily recycled without any excess materials that will end up in a landfill. We are kind to your teeth as well as to Planet Earth!
5. Avoids tartar and tooth decay. It has for many decades been accepted that fluoride is essential in maintaining good dental health and hygiene. Dent Tabs contains just the right amount of fluoride to remove excess plaque and bacteria so that you can avoid tartar and tooth decay.
6. Certified natural cosmetics. When using Dent Tabs, you can have peace of mind that you are using a top quality toothpaste that contains only natural ingredients that will contribute to your overall dental health.
7. Free from microplastics and PEG. Since we love our oceans and natural waterways, at Dent Tabs we do not want to contribute to the pollution of these natural resources and therefore ensure that there are no microplastics or PEG in our toothpaste tablets.

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